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Sky Hawk PSR5603 Assembly Instructions

Sky Hawk PSR5603 Assembly Instructions

Contributed by James Mills

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The following advice is based on many years of experience. They are provided as a free service to our customers and visitors. However, Directron.com is not responsible for any damage as a result of following any of these advice. You are welcome to distribute these tips free to your friends and associates as long as it's not for commercial purposes.


 To avoid the risk of electrical shock, never open the computer case or attempt maintenance without first unplugging the power supply.

 To avoid potential damage to your computer components due to static electricity, always make sure you are grounded when handling equipment and working in a static.

Opening the Case:
Place the case upright with the rear section facing towards you. By using either your hand or a Phillips or flathead screwdriver, remove the thumbscrews from the right panel. Then grasp the back handle and slide the panel straight back until it unlocks from position; then it can be removed and set aside. Repeat this procedure for the left panel as well.

Installing the Motherboard:
Compare your motherboard to the screw mounting holes predrilled in the case to determine which set of mounting holes you will use. This case supports ATX, Full ATX, MicroATX and Intel P3, P4 motherboards. Using the correct holes for your motherboard, affix the standoff screws to the case. Place your motherboard against the standoff screws and secure it into place.
Consult your motherboard manual for more installation help and for placement of the connectors for the front panel, as well as processor and RAM installation. NOTE: This case includes a rear I/O panel. Compare this panel with your motherboard and any I/O panels that came with it to select the one that best suits your system's configuration.

Mounting the External Drives:
Make sure that the motorized front panel is in the down position. If this is not the case, use your hand to gently push the panel into place. NOTE: Once assembled, it is not recommended that you move the front panel by any means other than its motorized function. Next, reach in through the case and push outward on the first drive bay's cover until the side latches release and it is removed.
If additional bays are required, use a screwdriver or gently turn the RF shielding panels behind the bays to break them off so that the bay can be used. This process is the same for both the 5.25-inch and the 3.5-inch bays. After removing the bay cover, slide the correct drive into position on the runners and use screws to secure it into position. NOTE: To better ensure the stability of the drive, make sure that by this point both side panels have been removed and secure it with screws from both sides. Repeat this process as necessary until all external drives are installed.

Mounting the Internal Drives:
Slide your master hard drive onto the runners in the first internal drive position. NOTE: The first two 3.5-inch bays are for external drives, and have different securing slots than for the internal drives. The first internal drive position is also the third 3.5-inch position. Only use the designated internal slots for securing internal drives. As with the external drives, be sure to use screws to secure your drives from both sides to increase stability. Repeat this process as necessary until all internal drives are installed.

Mounting the Power Supply:
Place the power supply into its proper location above the motherboard, and make sure that it is oriented so that the power cord connection is on the outside of the case. Use screws to secure the power supply to the case. Next, run the cables from the power supply to all points indicated by your motherboard's manual, as well as all drives and fans. NOTE: Most newer power supplies must be connected to the motherboard to operate. Also, they may require a minimum number of devices (typically at least one) for the power supply to function.

Installing Expansion Cards:
While facing the motherboard, determine which slots you need for expansion. NOTE: Video cards are often designed for an AGP slot and will only fit into one specific slot on a motherboard (if available), while most other cards are designed for a PCI slot. Remove the thumbscrews for only the slots you intend to use and remove the protective panels. Slide any cards into their appropriate positions on the motherboard, consulting your equipment's documentation as necessary.

Finishing Up:
Connect your drives to your motherboard with the appropriate IDE/EIDE and FDD cables. Make sure any other necessary connections between drives, the front panel, the motherboard, and the back panel have been made, and all drives and fans are connected to your power supply. Check screws and plugs to ensure a tight, firm connection. Look to make sure that no cables are twisted or pinched, or are blocking air flow within the case. Finally, replace the side panels and secure them with thumbscrews, and attach any peripherals (such as a monitor, keyboard, or mouse) to your computer. Plug the power cord into your power supply and turn the computer on. Check to make sure that everything is operational, and that the fans are working properly as well as any other cooling equipment.

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